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Transformation to deliver enhanced customer experiences

Travel and hospitality companies have always innovated through disruption – and that is particularly true today. We’ve seen this prove out time and again with our customers leveraging INFOTECHLINK to improve operational efficiencies and enhance the customer experience – even when faced with a global pandemic. That’s because INFOTECHLINK has the most services, capabilities, and experience and fastest rate of innovation in the cloud.

And by building on INFOTECHLINK, they are able to save valuable costs and respond quickly to ever-changing market dynamics. While we can’t predict the future, we do know INFOTECHLINK, along with our partners, will be there to help customers build for what’s next. Innovations, born out of disruption, will impact and improve the way we fly, sleep, eat, and experience the world in the years ahead.


Experience in every segment

  • Hospitality Industry

    Companies around the world, across every segment of the travel and hospitality industry – and of every size – run their organizations on INFOTECHLINK. INFOTECHLINK has deep experience across the industry including airlines and airports; restaurants; accommodation and lodging; trains and cruise lines; travel sellers and travel management companies; and technology services and solution providers.

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Explore use Cases

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    Enhance Customer Experiences

    To win customers and their loyalty, travel and hospitality companies seek to provide differentiated experiences that are tailored and memorable. INFOTECHLINK solutions help turn data into actionable insights – enabling companies to create new and unforgettable experiences for their guests. This includes:

    • Personalization: Increase guest engagement and sales through relevancy
    • Connected Experiences: Enhance guest satisfaction through seamless experiences
    • Customer Service: Increase loyalty and revenue with best-in-class customer service

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    Increase Operational Efficiency

    Whether a hotel or restaurant building, equipment, vehicles, or people, travel and hospitality companies want to optimize their assets. INFOTECHLINK helps to reduce costs, improve performance, and increase efficiency by enabling companies to:

    • Optimize Core Operations: Gain insights to get more out of assets
    • Reduce IT Costs: Lower costs and complexity and increase innovation
    • Sustainability: Minimize environmental impact